Chapter 1077

Written Examination

The two quickly began to strike up conversation. With Leylin’s experience and knowledge, duping a youth was an extremely simple matter. Xavier had soon lost all traces of jealousy in his heart, feeling like this Ley was a talkative and humorous person.

“Mm, so you have a little sister. Thousand Bears City’s little bear biscuits are favoured by many girls. I should bring some with me when I come to visit,” Leylin said with a smile.

“You coming over to visit is already enough. You don’t have to be so courteous,” Xavier replied. But just as he was about to continue, a sharp bell sounded out.

Drawn in by the urgent sound of the bell, the crowd streamed towards the main gate in waves, like a limitless sea of people.

“Mister Ley, the examination is about to begin! Let us continue our chat later…” With Xavier’s physique, he was involuntarily swept away by the surging sea of people, leaving Leylin behind.

“Of course!” Leylin smiled. This sort of scene...

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