Chapter 1076


The Weave and its spells cost a lot of energy to maintain. Even with the World Origin Force to support her she wouldn’t use it recklessly. This was why she’d adopted a system similar to the World of Gods. Every cast of a spell extracted a small part of the caster’s spiritual force.

“But this place takes much less from the caster…” Leylin smirked in disdain. “A.I. Chip, begin analysis!”

[Beep! Mission established, analysing 3d structure of the Shadow Weave…]

A stream of data ran past Leylin’s eyes. Compared to the World of Gods, the analysis of the Weave here was much faster and more accurate.

[Beep! ETA: 68 hours 23 minutes and 19 seconds.]

[Beep! Level 3 spells and above sealed. 78.55% chance to breakthrough without alerting anyone. Proceed?] The A.I. Chip voice intoned.

“Not necessary. I can just go and take a greater skill test…” Leylin shook his head and denied the A.I. Chip’s ...

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