Chapter 1075

Rapid Shadow

Xavier remained confounded over the next few days.

His family inheritance, the Snakebite Fist that was extremely difficult to train in, had been mastered just like that? It was too good to be true, leaving the teenager so distracted he didn’t even notice the change to the manual. In the end, he broke seven to eight more items in the house, being nagged by his little sister until he finally learned to control his own strength and stop crushing things.

However, Xavier soon put these issues to the back of his mind. There were more important things to consider.

“Greater Skill Proficiency Test…” Xavier clenched his fists as he looked at a date circled in red on the calendar, “I need to pass no matter what. The access to the Shadow Weave will give me stronger and more powerful spells, letting me find a good job and take care of my family…”

“Martial techniques only enable one to serve as a fighter or security guard...

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