Chapter 1073


“You’ve always been so soft, brother. It’s your greatest weakness…” Javis looked at his brother. They had similar faces, but their hairs were already turning white.

“I’m the person in charge right now. If not for the citizens, I would long since have applied for the Shadow Weave Team to destroy the entire city…”

Javis dug his ears, “Where are the soldiers? Remove unauthorised personnel from this tent at once!”

Suddenly, a group of armored troops entered and chased the middle aged officer and his subordinates away.

“People who get in the way should leave. Now… Let us play our game of hide and seek!” Javis looked at the screen, his extreme insanity spilling over into calmness, “Enable city surveillance. Lock down all spells using the Shadow Weave, and disable teleportation. Scan for any strange sightings and energy movements. Begin the purge!”

“Go! Action!” Mole and Wolf Fang waved their hands in a forward motion, and the...

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