Chapter 1071


Time had eroded the light yellow parchment. Not only were many of the handwritten words within blurred with age, the pages themselves stuck to each other as well. Several footnotes were stained with the trace of decay.

The book was written in form of ancient script, the worlds looping and distorted. It seemed like a three-year-old child could have written it better.

Xavier had hated reading and writing ever since kindergarten. With the ‘good fortune’ of a father with a doctorate in history, he’d had to understand various ancient writing styles since his youth. This specific script was a specialty of his, having been taught it seriously by his father.

Xavier managed to read the parts that were still legible.

“This is clearly a mythological story…” When he thought of his youth and how this storybook had accompanied him in his childhood, a faint smile arose on Xavier’s face.

“The Snake Dowager ruled the entire Shadow World, and her descendents could later be found throughout the vicinity of Sanal....

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