Chapter 1070

Ancient Book

The passengers in Xavier’s cabin heaved a sigh of relief after the plane landed safely on the runway. Following that, they stared at him in blame.

“My apologies!” Xavier held his sister's hand and left the cabin, as if running away to the airport terminal.

“Hey wait up! Wait!” The man with the watch caught up to them, “You left your purse behind!”

“Oh, thank you Mister!” Jill thanked the man courteously, taking a pink purse with a cartoon bear on it.

“Haha, I’m just 25. Don’t call me Mister, just Crowley is fine…” This man who looked like an uncle with long sideburns smiled wryly, “And your names are?”

Xavier gripped his sister’s hand, and spoke politely, “I’m Xavier, and this is my sister Jill, we’re here to study…”

Crowley noticed the wariness in Xavier’s eyes, but he smiled without caring, “Oh I see… This is my number. I have some connections here in Thousand Bears City, so remember to look for me if something’s...

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