Chapter 107

Total Annihilation

* Bang! *

Under the crashing of the wave, the silver shield seemed to be a reef in the middle of the ocean, not moving the slightest.

After the Fury of the Marsh was over, Bosain was still unscathed behind the shield.

Seeing this, Leylin’s pupil shrank.

“A defense type magic artifact!”

As the younger generation hailing from one of the big three families in Abyssal Bone Forest Academy, Bosain actually had a defense type magic artifact.

Leylin clearly understood the difficulty of dealing with it, as he too had a defense type magic artifact, the Fallen Star Pendant. Once the Fallen Star Pendant was activated, Leylin was invincible amongst acolytes.

As for the two opposing level 3 acolytes, they were obviously scared stiff by Bosain’s actions. There was actually a moment when they stood still.

Especially the acolyte who signed a contract with the Moonlight Mayfly, he gripped the whistle tightly, disbelief written all over his pallid face.

After the Fury of the Marsh attack, the giant Moonlight Mayfly seemed to have...

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