Chapter 1067

Sneaking In

Mistress of the Night, Shar. The Goddess of the Night, Shadows, and Magic. This was an intermediate god.

Shar’s power was equivalent to that of a rank 8 Magus. Rumours said that she used the form of an eccentric elven maiden dressed in black muslin, worshipped by many wizards who walked the path of darkness.

If a god of such standing came to the Shadow World, it was quite possible that she would obtain the favour of the World Will and origin force.

‘There seems to be an error in my previous thoughts,’ Leylin’s brain quickly whirred into action, ‘During the ancient Final War, Magi arrived at the World of Gods, but those gods could also come out. If they were willing to give up their godhood and divine kingdoms…’

To a god, giving up their godhood and divine kingdom was like destroying the foundation of their entire being. It was equivalent to committing suicide.

Besides, the World of Gods was sealed, and gods could only face off against Magi due to their divine kingdoms. In the astral plane they’d be heavily suppressed,...

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