Chapter 1065


Leylin’s laboratory had been transformed into an enormous maze of infinite space. A few furnaces within burned with the unquenchable fire of origin force.

The powerful energy was restricted by many shackles formed of laws, poured into the enormous spell formation at the centre.

At the heart of this spell formation was an enormous pool, liquid origin force from Dreamscape present within. Just a drop of this could drive other beings of law crazy.

A faint black shadow could be seen at the centre of the pool, greedily absorbing the surrounding energy and origin force to radiate a vaguely sharp and deadly aura. It seemed like some cruel giant creature of prehistoric times lay there, dormant.

“It took several hundred years, but the embryo of the weapon is ready. Next is the sculpting…” Leylin stood by the pool dressed in black robes, his eyes filled with satisfaction.

“Leylin… Leylin…” Just at this moment, his expression changed. A summons was transmitted from his bloodline, full of intoxicating...

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