Chapter 1063

The Lords

Destructive snow spiralled powerfully. Three Lords of Calamity had gathered here, the power they attracted clearly greater than usual.

That white snow floated down slowly in great swathes, melting away everything it touched. However, these three lords did not seem to feel a thing as they discussed their own affairs.

“It’s very difficult to determine…” The enormous wheel blinked its many eyes, clearly hesitant. “Few secret treasures can allow a rank 7 to withstand someone of our power, even from the ancient times of the Magi and the World of Gods. I’m more inclined to think that it’s a peak rank 8 faking their identity. Such an existence would find it very easy to hide from a dream demon’s senses…”

It was absolutely unthinkable for a mere rank 7 being of laws, or even two for that matter, to get rid of a Lord of Calamity. Had a peak rank 8 wanted to conceal themselves, even the perception of the dream demons wouldn’t allow them to distinguish...

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