Chapter 1061


Leylin looked at the blackened skeleton in front of him, focusing on the abyssal red flames within its eye sockets. “I told you you’d definitely perish here today,” he said slowly, as if stating a fact.

“Hahaha! Nightmare Warlock, I curse you in the name of calamity!” Black teeth clattered, sending spiritual vibrations from the depths of Salilus’ truesoul.

“You showed your final corrosive attack, but after that all you have is this feeble curse? What a disappointment…” Leylin brought his hand down against this surging curse power.

*Crash!* All the World Origin Force in Dreamscape surged violently, becoming endless destructive thunder. Powerful arcs of lightning swept across the area, exterminating all traces of the curse’s power.

*Swish! Swish!* The moment the curse was broken, Leylin and Salilus both executed their moves. The two transformed into endless glows that crossed the speed of light in their intent to kill.

The entire space seemed to distort...

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