Chapter 1060

Divine Punishment

A sea of World Origin Force surrounded Leylin, carrying Dreamscape’s will. The world seemed to abandon Salilus, instead suppressing him with ill intent.

“This…” Salilus was stumped. Very soon, remnant ancient memories and his fear of Dreamscape brought him back to his senses.

It wasn’t long before the veil of mystery was removed, “This unique power… It comes from the Nightmare King! You’ve inherited his powers… the Nightmare Absorbing Physique that even Lords of Calamity dread!”

‘Power that all sovereigns dread…’ Leylin understood this vaguely, as he accepted the faint excitement of the World Will along with the endless origin force.

“Yes! The bloodline that all lords despise! You’re dead!” Black smoke arose from Salilus’ nostrils, many contorted faces writhing within as they wailed and cried.

“The ancient Nightmare King is the fear of all the lords, nobody wishes for his return. You’re dead!” Salilus repeated...

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