Chapter 106

Moonlight Mayfly

In the depths of the night, due to Jayden’s suggestions, the five of them abandoned the idea of resting and all gathered inside one room, where they each took turns for the night watch.

Also, the other team had the same idea.

“They have left!” warned Leylin, who was monitoring the other team’s acolytes with the help of A.I. Chip.

Upon hearing his voice, the other 4 acolytes, who were all previously snoozing either on the sofa or on the table, suddenly opened their eyes.

“I heard the sound of their footsteps as they left and they were all heading in the direction of the Zither Moon Mountain Plains’ entrance,” continued Leylin.

“Choosing the night time to start a war, eh? Let’s catch up with them!”

Jayden excitedly spoke.

As people who had survived the bloodbath, Jayden and others had all experienced the letting of the enemy’s blood. As far as this situation was concerned, not only did they all not have a common fear experienced by acolytes, instead, they all were looking forward to it for some unknown reason.

During this whole time, their knapsacks were unopened and...

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