Chapter 1059


With Bodach himself having a terrifying body at rank 7, this explosion was massively powerful. Simply put, such a strike aimed at the Magus World would likely be a disaster on the level of an asteroid hitting the earth. The entire surface would be decimated, and perhaps even the subterranean world would be affected!

However, Bodach was surprised to see Salilus grip his wings with both hands, the Lord of Calamity’s large body as sturdy as a rock beneath a waterfall. It was like someone stopping a full speed train with their bare hands!

“Keke… that wasn’t all that powerful. It just hurt a little!” Salilus snickered, and it brought an ominous feeling. Bodach found himself sent flying, and a number of his bones cracked as he coughed out nearly an entire ocean’s worth of dragonblood.

“Is that so? Then how about this?” Making use of Bodach’s charge, Leylin had arrived in front of Salilus. He pierced the...

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