Chapter 1058


*Rumble!* The air cracked, and the ground trembled. The very world tremored in the face of a battle between two existences of laws.

*Hsss! Tinkle! Chi!* An energy undulation rippled out, and in that moment all the Lords of Calamity in Dreamscape awoke from their sealed slumbers. They emitted powerful radiation that protected their own territories.

The Dream Demon Lord, in particular, had countless moths cover the sky in layer upon layer that quickly fell. Her armies paid great casualties to block most of the stray energy, multi-coloured lights mixing with the air and meteor fragments to stop everything else.

*Pu! Pu!* All of a sudden, a thin black thread shot through the region and arrived in front of Bodach. The dragon scales that the one-eyed dragon prided himself on so much had no effect as they were pierced through, and dragon blood appeared.

A layer of tiny black dots began to surround the injury, spreading outwards with...

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