Chapter 1057


‘With the attraction of the two World Origin Forces, and such immense benefits, it’s no wonder the ancient Final War was so intense…’ Leylin sighed inside. Had he been the one who’d found a world where he could absorb the comprehension of laws by killing deities, he’d have gone crazy as well. The fall of other Magi and the suffering of the commoners was nothing in comparison.

‘The reason why divine laws convert so easily… Is it because of the origin forces being compatible, or do they complete each other?’ At this point, Leylin was now beginning to believe the rumours more and more. When victory was decided between the World of Gods and the Magus World, the victor would devour the loser’s path to power to open the path to eternity!

‘It’s also possible that the Magus World and World of Gods were a single body in ancient times,’ Leylin guessed.

One had to consider why the rumours that gave rise to the ancient Final War...

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