Chapter 1056


Destructive snow was a limitation Dreamscape had set up for the sealed Lords of Calamity. It was a shackle that imprisoned them.

Most of the time, the lords relied on layers of powerful seals to protect themselves, The moment they were unsealed, they would have to face the destructive snow head on and be weakened. This was from both the origin of the soul and from the World Origin Force.

No Lord could handle being weakened like this, which was why they were always in sealed states, unless there were special circumstances.

The large female face exploded, leaving behind another little girl. Her eyes were muddied, and she also had a white moth on her head. However, she was smaller than the one before. Once the dream demon quieted down, the destructive snow also weakened until it was bearable.

“Damn it… How did that Magus get away from my soul powder…” The dream demon’s avatar looked confused, and she transmitted some information.

“Hm? Dream demon… You’ve found...

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