Chapter 1055

Soul Powder

The boundless skies shattered to reveal a huge hole, allowing one to see some large stars and bands of light. Leylin, Bodach and the Lord’s Envoy stood side by side, enjoying this broken scenery.

“When Dreamscape Origin Force weakens, the entire world descends into stillness…” The envoy’s face showed hints of sorrow before she looked towards Bodach, “I see a tracking curse on your body from Salilus… And the shine of suolo gems…”

Bodach’s expression froze, and then he tried to speak up for himself. “Uh… haha… you must have gotten something wrong. I’m such an honest dragon… Why would I steal something that belongs to someone else… Haha…”

“You’ve got the wrong impression. I don’t really have any dealings with Salilus. On the contrary, there are some conflicts between us…” The young lady’s voice was like a silver bell, pleasant to the ear. The clear look in her eyes made it seem like she knew everything.

With this gaze...

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