Chapter 1054


Leylin looked at Cabadole, whose whole body was stretched taut like a little leopard, and petted his head. “What? Does the current situation leave you dissatisfied?”

“No. I just hope to obtain more strength in order to protect my clan,” Cabadole answered.

“What a clever answer!” Leylin praised him.

In his previous world, such extreme exploitation would long since have given rise to violent revolts. With so few ruling over so many, and so blatantly abusing their power at that, they would just be courting death.

Unfortunately, this was a world where extraordinary strength crushed everything else! Even though the minority was in power, exploiting their position atrociously, all the majority could do was crush their desires for revolution. After all, this minority possessed great military strength. The ones with the greatest power held the greatest authority. Strength was the truth.

“Get out of the way! Get out of the way!” At this moment, two rows of warriors dressed in black...

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