Chapter 1052


“Wait, my lords!” The tribe leader had regained consciousness at this moment, kneeling before Leylin with respect. The slightest power Leylin had revealed made it obvious that this was someone powerful, and he’d had someone verify that the ancestor was still safe. How would this middle-aged man not realise that these two were actually friends of his tribe?

With the strength they possessed, these people could easily crush them if they wanted to. Hence, it was necessary to better his relationship with them.

“Are you two lords friends of the ancestor? Please stay here for a while, and let us serve you…” The leader of this tribe was nearly two metres tall, adorned in a slightly mouldy smooth leather coat. His bulging muscles seemed as hard as steel.

This man had thick lips and a high nose. His slanted eyes seemed cold, and the crossed scar on his cheek was proof of his gallantry. To survive a native had to be ruthless, violent, and most...

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