Chapter 1050

Dream Demon

*Bang! Bang!* The dried earth suddenly burst apart, forming two dark holes. A cloaked figure emerged from each of the holes, one of them removing his cloak to observe the surrounding soil. While it was still as barren as before, there was at least some form of life here. The place was not entirely dead.

“Bodach, why are all the routes you know underground?” Leylin glanced at the one-eyed dragon, doubting its race.

“Hehe… Don’t get hung up on those trivial things! So? I wasn’t wrong, was I? As long as we go through the underground whistling passage, we’ll be able to evade the wild regions with masters…” Bodach chuckled.

Leylin was one who only cared for the results and not the process, so he did not pursue the matter.

‘A.I. Chip, conduct a scan.’ Leylin immediately received information on the environment, tracking its hydrology and even the origin force. A look of astonishment flashed on his face.

“It’s not bad, huh? Compared to other...

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