Chapter 105

The Zither Moon Town

Apart from Leylin, among this party of five, Bosain would be the strongest based on stats.

In the stats detected by the A.I. Chip, Bosain’s Spiritual Force had reached 15! It was already the requirement needed to advance to the level of an official Magus.

However, for some reason, it was concealed like Leylin’s. Bosain also used some secret method to conceal his Spiritual Force’s energy waves and also the aberration of his eyes, without letting anyone find out.

Moreover, as a level 3 acolyte from a large family, Bosain’s magic artifact emitted energy waves that were extremely strong, only second to the Fallen Star Pendant hung around Leylin’s neck.

In addition, the Lilytell family was one of the three big families of the academy. If Bosain, who was one of the younger generation that hailed from there, had no magic artifact on him, Leylin would be the first to not believe it.

As for Jayden, Shaya, and Roth—they were level 3 acolytes who had just advanced. Jayden and Shaya carried magic artifacts with them and were stronger...

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