Chapter 1049

Rescue and Treatment

“Leylin, my friend, you must help me!” At the mention of this curse that was like a maggot hidden in his bones, Bodach put on a painful expression. His huge body laid down on the ground, eyes pitiful as he gazed up at Leylin like an ant. The scene was rather hilarious.

“This… It’s quite troublesome…” Leylin furrowed his brows, as if this was extremely difficult. “Why don’t you try settling this with that Lord of Calamity? He’s currently hibernating, so he probably wouldn’t be willing to offend a foreign being of laws too much, no?” He proposed.

“No, his suolo gems are still with me… Err… No, Bodach didn’t steal anything. I’m being maligned…” The one-eyed dragon confessed everything without being pressed.

“I see…” Leylin turned and left, having no interest in offending a powerful Lord of Calamity for a thief.

“Uh… Wait, my friend. Bodach can help you!” Seeing Leylin intend to leave, the dragon immediately began to panick. Having been tortured by these...

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