Chapter 1048


The place Leylin had chosen was significant. It was where he’d first met the one-eyed owl, what he now suspected was a clone of the Nightmare King. The owl was the one who’d given him his dream feather, making his lab connect to Dreamscape.

It was also at this place that he’d discovered Gillian, a native of Dreamscape. That time had given him precious research materials, allowing him to increase his understanding of dreamforce.

The many Lords of Calamity stayed to the north of this place, at least five to six of these sovereigns of Dreamscape there at the minimum. Normally they would radiate their powers unconsciously, bringing disaster upon the natives. It made the place a forbidden ground for them.

But now, it was different. Dreamforce had weakened, and the area around these existences was the only place they could survive. After all, the reason that was the place the Lords of Calamity chose was that it would resist the weakening of dr...

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