Chapter 1047

Returning To Dreamscape

‘Be it the ancient Magi sealed at the core of the Weave or the beings of law outside it, none are easily dealt with…’ Leylin stroked his chin, already having a clear strategy in mind. ’Having these sides control each other seems like a good idea. Whatever it is, when the time comes I’ll be the leader and tyrant there. I’ll get the greatest benefits anyway.’

To gain these benefits Leylin had to create a good impression. At the very least, he had to guarantee that when the time came and he called out loud, numerous Magi of laws would follow him in exploring the treasures of the World of Gods…

“I still need to wait and amass faith in the World of Gods, but I can begin exploring Dreamscape soon…” Leylin muttered under his breath, his body gradually fading away as he vanished.

In the boundless astral plane, the World of Gods and the Magus World were like two large funnels taking up most of the space and resources. They also possessed the most powerful...

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