Chapter 1046

The Skies

Leylin sized up both of his sons.

The eldest, Daniel, had inherited Leylin’s law of devouring in addition to dreamforce, given the name Jörmungandr. Syre, the son of his first wife, had instead inherited his ability of endlessness, and thus was called Ouroboros.

Currently Daniel seemed to be stronger, already a peak rank 6 Warlock because of the power of his mature bloodline. Yet, although Syre wasn’t as strong, his inheritance obscured his future, giving him an infinite potential!

As the progenitor of his own bloodline, Leylin made a judgement the moment he saw his sons, ‘I need to adjust their bloodlines…’

Other Warlocks inherited negative side-effects from their bloodline, such as bloodline shackles and emotional instability. However, Leylin’s Targaryen family did not face this problem. As the progenitor of the bloodline and with the help of the A.I. Chip, Leylin could fix its...

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