Chapter 1045


Misty green origin force surged in a boundless sea, containing absolute strength as it swelled and roared. This energy represented the Magus World itself, the power of its origin! Even Leylin, a rank 7 Warlock, was a mere ant in front of the might of these waves of origin force.

As a Warlock, Leylin had already assimilated this aura into his soul. The origin force didn’t reject him, instead enveloping him gently and replenishing his powers.

“Almighty and pure, as expected of the Magus World. Only the origin force of the World of Gods could be of similar quality…” With his advancement to a demigod in the prime material plane, along with his experiences in that other world, Leylin identified the differences very quickly.

‘It’s not entirely impossible to reach peak rank 8 or even rank 9 if I could fully master this origin force…’ Leylin’s eyes held a trace of longing, but it was only a dream for...

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