Chapter 1044


‘Next I need to continue to nurture my believers, grasp the divinity of massacres, and slowly accumulate resources…’ Leylin’s eyes flashed gold as his vision penetrated through the walls of the church. He looked past it into the events in his empire, and even further into Debanks Island. This sight extended all the way past the ocean, piercing into the mainland.

His body gradually turned golden, its dazzling radiance illuminating the vicinity of the church. Under the divine radiance, Leylin’s body gradually became more illusory until it disappeared. Gods needed to maintain their distance from ordinary mortals to maintain a sense of divine mystery. When it came to farming, he could determine the work of Tiff and the rest remotely, using the connection from their daily prayers.

Now he needed to spend a long period of time preparing his body for the transformation, spending time with his family members. Once he advanced to become a true god, a...

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