Chapter 1041


*Crash! Rumble!* A vile power surged forth, and great amounts hellfire erupted into the sky.

The entirety of the Second Hell seemed to be roaring, rejoicing. The flames grew in intensity with the evil power, and the City of Iron seemed to come alive. The walls and ground grew hotter and hotter, even glowing orange, and the slightly translucent lava now seemed able to melt metals. Any unlucky devils swept up by this torrential force turned into torches as they fell to the ground.

Baator’s origin force welled up, welcoming its new owner.

*Hss!* The terrifying phantom of a giant serpent appeared in the sky, but was very soon covered by the dense blanket of smoke. Hell’s authority was being handed over; Leylin had now taken on Beelzebub’s role completely, becoming the new Lord of Dis!

‘The Second Hell is now my divine kingdom.’ Leylin felt an extreme amount of power...

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