Chapter 1040

Rank 7

In front of Leylin was an incomparably vast dream world. Innumerable crystal planets formed what looked like a honeycomb, each with a figure of Beelzebub flashing within.

Having survived from the ancient dusk of the gods to this date, Beelzebub’s memories encompassed everything in all these years. If it was all put into the mind of an ordinary mortal, they would perhaps go insane from the overload of information. Even with Leylin’s background, it still took him a while to fully digest it.

However, this was exactly what Leylin wanted. It wasn’t just Beelzebub’s authority and power of laws that he was after; he was quite interested in the lordship and the remaining portion of the Archdevil’s memories.

‘Is he trying to delay me with such a long dream?’ Leylin’s mouth curved into a wry smile. He had completely seen through Beelzebub’s intentions. ‘Pity… Even if ten thousand years pass in this dream, only a moment will pass...

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