Chapter 104


“I just happen to have a trace of remnants regarding official Magus….” Jayden added.

After listening to Leylin’s reply, Jayden’s smile grew even wider.

“Remnants? Clues? You actually dare to go out?”

Leylin was somewhat shocked. In the eyes of an outsider, Jayden was the murderer of Torash from the enemy academy. The hatred held by the enemy official Magus was already locked onto him, yet he still dared leave for an exploration?

After hearing Leylin’s words, Jayden’s face darkened.

“I will kill that old geezer sooner or later! I’ll turn his corpse into a specimen and keep it in my lab…”

After cursing, Jayden then explained to Leylin, “The power of the Lighthouse of the Night is still formidable. Under the mediation of that lord Magus, the Sage Gotham Hut and the Whitewoods Castle would not dare to exact revenge hastily; not unless they wish to be destroyed!”

“On the contrary, with the passing of time, the treaty was agreed at a span of 20 years. My situation consists of constant dangers. Hence, for this, I have to retaliate somehow, to ensure...

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