Chapter 1039


With the help of Baalzephon the ‘traitor,’ Leylin was the first to enter the semiplane.

Powerful spatial force flickered in this place, and he could barely make out the world at the other side. This was a plane of lava, and at its heart was a massive devil deep asleep.

The chest of this veritable mountain heaved up and down in his slumber, his devilish wings and giant eyes quivering with a powerful life force.

“Beelzebub’s true body!” The pit fiends who saw this scene rejoiced loudly, the fire in their eyes blazing intensely.

In front of them was an unequaled throne. It was a position at the head of all devils, exempt from eternal damnation!

Yet Leylin slowed his footsteps, coming to a halt. He’d already fulfilled his goals the moment he entered the semiplane.

‘It’s so lifelike that it almost fooled even me, but…’ The A.I. Chip’s light...

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