Chapter 1038


‘It seems to be a mere imitation of a Netherese golem…’ Leylin hid in the darkness, watching the big duel in the square. With the advantage given by Beelzebub’s memories and the fact that the golems were fixated on the pit fiends, the chances of him being discovered were minute.

He could stalk behind this pit fiend, using it at the last moment to break past the blockade of golems in the square.

‘Only after the greater devils are all dead will the pit fiends be fatally wounded…’ Looking at the pit fiends who were still alive, Leylin shook his head inwardly. Many of the greater devils had taken the brunt of the golems’ rampage, and even some pit fiends were unlucky enough to be left behind and trapped in one’s vicinity.

With the golems’ personalities, it would be completely suicidal for their colleagues to rescue them. Consequently, those pit fiends ended up with a tragic death, finally falling to Beelzebub’s...

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