Chapter 1036


“It’s my honour to be complimented by an Archdevil!” The old devil bowed humbly to Leylin, with all the formality of a noble. His eyes were filled with solemnness.

“You were already here when I took the first item. Now, tell me… Why are you here?” Leylin’s eyes squinted, and the old devil shuddered as he formed cold sweat.

“Freedom! Of course it’s for freedom! Being confined in this dark, icy place and having to guard the treasures...I’ve already done more than enough!” The old devil clenched his teeth and cursed vehemently.

“I sensed the terrifying powers of the law of gluttony on you, along with a part of Beelzebub’s powers and aura. I can pledge my allegiance to you, letting you obtain everything in here, and also inform you of all of Beelzebub’s secrets. I want a small favour in return: Annul the contract on my body. If you want, I could even serve you for a...

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