Chapter 1035

Treasure Vault

The cerberus continuously radiated a powerful aura. Its might could repel even the strongest of pit fiends, and it caused Baalzephon to feel uneasy. Leylin, on the other hand, was only frightened on the surface. He was snickering in his mind.

‘Such a silly dog, it can’t even see through my disguise. No wonder a devil could manipulate it so easily...’ The fact was that Leylin’s stealth was too powerful. Even the famed cerberi of hell couldn’t sniff anything off about his soul.

“Wait… Wait! Negotiate! I think we can negotiate!” Baalzephon retreated several steps as he called loudly.

He did not have much of a chance against this King of Hellhounds. Moreover, he hadn’t found a trace of Beelzebub’s whereabouts. He wasn’t dumb enough to waste his resources and even risk his life here. Devils considered diplomacy the path of experts anyway.

“The contract was sworn upon the Styx. If you can remove...

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