Chapter 103

A Meeting

The vengeful spirit wearing red robes continuously attacked, clawing strips of flesh off of Leylin’s body.

Leylin’s expression of anger turned into indifference.

A few minutes later, he opened his mouth with difficulty, “Gurisasi ~ duoluxian!”

A dark-green flame burned on Leylin’s body, setting everything in the experiment lab ablaze….


After the dark-green flame was extinguished, Leylin recovered his mobility.

At this moment, he finally had enough strength to look around at his surroundings.

The experiment lab was the same as before, all apparatus lying neatly in their original position.

As for the pentagon formation, it had lost all of its light, and the vengeful spirit was nowhere to be found.

On Leylin, there were no traces of injuries, yet his expression did not seem well.

It was because different indicators flashed from the A.I. Chip:

[Host has suffered from an unknown forcefield attack, determined from the database to be caused by a vengeful spirit! vitality decreased by 0.1]

[Host has suffered from an unknown forcefield attack,...

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