Chapter 1028

Incitement and Recruitment

Leylin remained silent, but his eyes flashed, he’d acutely sensed Baalzephon’s conspiracy. ‘So he’s instigating me, huh? He couldn’t meet his purpose, so now he’s full of hatred and jealousy.’

Had he been a real devil indeed, he would’ve fallen for the ploy by now. After all, to stop someone from advancing would make a blood enemy out of them. Furthermore, his ‘superior’ was a pit fiend as well. If Azlok did not agree, he could overthrow the decision of the Dark Eight and stop Leylin’s advance. Given the nature of the devils, this was definitely going to happen.

‘Pit fiend? The most efficient way to garner more hatred is to skip evolutions…’ An ordinary devil that had just evolved would be resented by twenty to thirty others. They would look everywhere for any mistakes they’d commit, trying to get it demoted. However, if a devil had jumped ranks the hatred would be tenfold, maybe...

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