Chapter 1027

Promotion and Demotion

Before the Dark Eight handed over control over the Bronze Citadel, there was first a majestic round of settling the results. As the devil army had been formed by temporary transfer of personnel, all devils would immediately regain their freedom once the battle was over.

‘It’s not quite right to call this regaining their freedom, because they retain all memories of the Blood War and think it as something they should have done… But while they still hold regard for the higher-ups, the absolute obedience they had as subordinates before has disappeared.’

Leylin glanced at the succubus Hanalin next to him. Her eyes were now clear, and while she looked like she could not wait to sidle up to him, it was obvious that she was scheming even more inside.

This went for the imps and lemures as well. However, before the devils all completely regained their order, there was something more important...

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