Chapter 102

Brewing an Ancient Potion

“Ancient Medicine: Tears of Mary formula. Begin the 1,312,933rd drug simulation!”

Leylin had received 2 sheets of medicinal formulas from Professor Kroft. One of them was about the Azure Potion, for which he had found substitute ingredients that had helped him reach his current level.

The other one, Tears of Mary, involved the concepts from his soul research. This had left Leylin at a loss as to how he should proceed.

Afterwards, with the observations from the bulk experiments at Extreme Night City, Leylin had gathered vast amounts of data regarding souls, and was thus pushing for the analysis of the formula of the ancient drug, Tears of Mary.

Finally, after having obtained the Grine Water, the A.I. Chip had performed reverse engineering to find out the refining process of the Grine Water, and had eventually overcome the last obstacle in concocting the Tears of Mary.

However, to Leylin’s dismay, he found that some of the steps in the formula for the Tears of Mary could only be completed by an official Magus!

Moreover, many of the processes required huge reserves of...

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