Chapter 1019


“The information should be incorrect, Leylin might not have obtained the flying city Thultanthar. Either that, or he’s extremely crafty and predicted our ambush…” Mystra’s beautiful gaze pierced through the void, seeing the scenario unfolding in the world.

Had Leylin been here, he definitely would’ve broken out into cold sweat. Had he actually used the floating city to attack the backbone of these churches, the gods lying in wait for him would definitely show him why the flowers were dyed red.

This was two greater gods! Leylin had a chance to resist them in the prime material plane, but outside it there were no more restrictions. There would be no chance for him to fight back.

“Where did you obtain this information?” Tyr asked, rousing from his silence.

“One of my worshippers met a devil during his travels, and obtained the information from him. However the devil was...

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