Chapter 1018


Leylin was growing more vicious in his attacks, seemingly blinded by the killing. He was going to beat them at their own game, and after looking at which opponents were going to attack he would show his strength and intimidate the rest. He was basically exhibiting his full power here.

That was the full power of a demigod! The support of an endless stream of faith and emotion combined with his experience as a near rank 7 Magus, giving Leylin a battle might he himself was surprised by.

He tore two of the giant mist creatures apart with his bare hands, and suddenly jumped. Once he touched the ground he’d caught up to Jeffries, who was quickly retreating.

Having been hit with the Greater Disjunction, Jeffries’ spear had been destroyed, as well as a silver necklace on his neck. That was followed by his robes, his boots…

“As a legendary, you still have some dignity.” Leylin’s evaluation was apathetic, though the movements of his hands...

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