Chapter 1017


‘Mm… Waukeen, Tyr, Mystra, they’re pretty much all here… huh?’ Leylin was surprised by an unfamiliar organisation amongst them. Their armour was spotless, with red capes attached. On the breastplates and capes were the symbol of a large golden eye, seemingly never closing. The armour was threaded with gold and had gems embedded in it, making it look dazzling.

“Armour with the Eternal Light spell, as well as that symbol… Are you priests of Helm?” Divine force flashed, the powerful massacre domain causing everyone’s expressions to change.

“False god!” one of Helm’s priests spat out, and layers of light emanated from the eye at his chest. It was clearly on equal ground with Leylin, perhaps even overpowering him. Helm was the God of Protection, and his church was built to crack down on faith in false gods. Naturally, they had experience in dealing with divine...

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