Chapter 1016


“The only things that alarmed the continent were the matter with the north and west desert. The rest are just small issues…” Xena stopped at this point, her beautiful eyes turning to gaze up at Leylin, “But of course, if news about you were to be leaked, my Lord, that would create a whole new storm…”

‘Those two things actually have something to do with me!’ Leylin thought as he rubbed his nose, but he had no plans of coming clean.

Xena lowered her voice, speaking by Leylin’s ear, “The birth of a new demigod and the conquest of over a million natives with just five thousand pirates… Either one of these events could stun the mainland, even affecting the outer planes…”

“I’d rather not for now. I don’t want to attract the attention of Helm’s church.” Leylin sternly stopped her, but this only caused a sly look in Xena’s eyes.

“Please don’t worry, my Lord. Our church has worked...

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