Chapter 1015

Sceptre of Savras

After days of careful contemplation, Leylin summoned Xena and agreed to the Goddess of Wealth’s conditions. He handed over all matters pertaining to the native empire to Isabel and Tiff, while he followed Xena’s ship back to the Faulen Island. He was currently back at his wizard tower.

Although this tower had already been upgraded several times, Leylin still found it too crude. This wasn’t an issue with design, rather that he’d advanced too quickly. The basic facilities of this place couldn’t keep up with his demands.

Thankfully, he did not have high expectations for the environment he was to be in. With the wizard tower’s isolation abilities as well as his own divine force as a cover, the preparations were complete.

*Chiu! Chiu!* Inside the enormous forge at the core, a golden staff floated in mid-air. Threads of pure gold flames were dispelled in the surroundings, forming the figure of a large,...

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