Chapter 1012

Emissary of Wealth

Demigods had confirmed their path to ascension. All that they had left to do was make their preparations.

They required faith and a divine role, but other things like a divine kingdom were also indispensable. If, by coincidence, one already had a semi-plane, it would take much less effort to build their divine kingdom.

To a true god, their divine kingdom was where their true body lay. No matter how much care was put into creating it, it would not be enough. Leylin already had his own plans for his divine kingdom, but now that he had a semi-plane he could use it to contain the souls of his worshippers.

‘I can make use of it once I’ve modified it slightly. Hm, it’s better to seal all of Akaban’s worshippers’ souls here.’ Leylin had soon determined the uses of the semi-plane. With the standard divine power to alter reality, the semi-plane began to whistle.

Golden divine force rippled the air, pushing...

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