Chapter 1010

Founding a Nation

Done with the basic cleanup of the church, they erected a statue of the Winged Serpent God. With Saintess Barbara’s lead, numerous warriors, soldiers, and nobles knelt to pray.

“Praise to our Lord, the Winged Serpent God Kukulkan. You are the serpent of the world that devours everything and grasps the power of massacres. Your body extends across the universe, stretching into past, present and future. Your beautiful eyes are like the clearest of lakes, the water from which can cure everything…”

The statue of the Winged Serpent God began to glow with the prayers, setting the worshippers’ minds at ease.

“Our master has responded, the statue is complete!” Barbara exclaimed in delight, and then began to pray loudly. The power of faith converged to form a tide.

Within this tide of faith, the two eyes of the statue seemed to come to life as they brightened with intelligence. Dazzling divine force spread in all directions across the church, covering the...

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