Chapter 101

Branded Swordsman

After many discussions, the major Magisteriums in the south coast had all unanimously agreed to restrict the advancement to an official Magus.

Under the purview of the contract, all guilds must abide by it solemnly, to control the acolyte’s advancement to an official Magus. Even if it was the academy or family absorbing newcomers, they must swear to a strict secrecy.

There was an exception — information found within historical items and places!

In the expanse of the south coast, there were many traces of the Magi remnants.

All of them were located in extremely perilous locations. Even official Magi had to risk their lives to search for a piece of them.

Moreover, even if they were remnants, one cannot be sure of their contents.

Take Leylin for example, previously he spent a countless amount of resources and effort, yet he obtained nothing in the end. It was an extremely common situation.

However, once Magi discovered a trace of ancient remnants and obtain their inheritance or other precious resources, it would be the start of another legend!

Although searching for remnants had many unforeseeable dangers,...

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