Chapter 1008

Beginning of Battle

‘The inner Weave is a convenient way for a god to channel faith towards them. It didn’t reject me using it, so it seems to be open… The basic requirement is that one is a demigod?’ Leylin looked lost in thought.

‘The innermost core of the Weave, as well as Karsus’ Avatar, the rank 12 spell…’ The thought of how difficult it was to release the conscients of the numerous Magi, even Leylin frowned. He had to get rid of the entire Weave to do so, which included the outer Weave that numerous wizards counted on and the inner Weave that the gods used as a channel for faith.

Would the gods willingly abandon such a convenient channel as the Weave? Regardless of their intellectual abilities, and their ability to count the number of worshippers in their divine kingdoms in an instant, the Weave was more than just an upgrade to their calculative abilities. It greatly reduced the cost of bestowing divine...

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