Chapter 1006


[Beep! Host is under attack, activating divine forcefield!] A formless, contorted forcefield appeared after the A.I. Chip’s notification, halving the two-headed lion’s might. What remained had no more effect on Leylin’s divine body, not even affecting his robes.

‘Divine forcefield? So in a battle between gods, the focus is now on divine force, divinity, and their domains?’ Leylin’s eyes flashed as he ignored the lion’s attack. He had a way to negate it, but now that he had the powers of the divine forcefield, he could do even less.

The lion roared with rage, and Akaban and the other two demigods saw an unforgettable scene.

“Let it out…” Ignoring the lion’s attack, Leylin jumped on its back and ripped through his skin and flesh. Ichor splattered across the sky.

*Shing!* Even as cries of anguish sounded, he pulled out the lion’s spine.

Such a thing would cause severe...

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