Chapter 1004


Leylin had no time to care about the events outside. He was currently immersed in an extremely peculiar state.

Becoming a demigod was as difficult as scaling into the skies, but it was no issue for Leylin. He’d amassed enough divine force a while ago, but he’d lacked a turning point. That turning point appeared today. The immense pressure of four great demigods allowed him to break past his limits, and pushed the ignition of his godfire.

Becoming a demigod required cooperation with the laws of the world. It was a very valuable experience for Leylin.

‘In the moment of becoming a demigod, one is shrouded in World Origin Force and laws. It is probably the safest place…’ Leylin did not worry about the events outside, immersing himself in his senses. This was just him becoming a demigod. When he attempted to become a true god with a divine kingdom, even a greater god would not dare attempt anything...

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